Our Zoopla Commercial Properties

Zoopla Commercial Properties

Zoopla Commercial is a unique and versatile platform in which us at Shepherd Commercial use to showcase our properties. A mix of retail, office and industrial opportunities can be found on our Zoopla Agent profile, and we update our listings daily on the site.

Zoopla Commercial is the dedicated commercial wing of Zoopla’s online property portal. It has become a market leading commercial property listing site, rivalling the likes of Rightmove and EG Property Link since the early 2010’s and we’re delighted to be apart of the commercial agents contributing towards the directory.

If you’re seeking a commercial property agent based in the West Midlands, Shepherd Commercial are a county renown firm of consultants and agents delivering commercial property services to the region.

Head to our About Us page to discover more about our organisation or call us on 01564 778890 to learn more of how we can help you with your commercial asset.

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