Acquisition and disposal of commercial assets is the core of what we do at Shepherd Commercial. We actively facilitate and oversee acquisition and disposal transactions on a daily basis.

Acting on your behalf in the acquisition of commercial property, we bring 2o years+ of experience to the fore. With extensive expertise, we guide clients through the acquisition process with professionalism. Shepherd Commercial’s acquisition and disposal services are both versatile and flexible, built around the client with their key interests at mind.

Our developed, refined and critiqued marketing strategies allow us to showcase client assets to the right people at correct value. With modern approaches intertwined with traditional networking, Shepherd Commercial strategises the disposal of your asset to its peak.


Consult with the client do discuss their goals, strategy and outcome


Visiting property in question to inspect and further develop information on the asset

Data Driven

Negotiate, showcase and advertise the property on all fronts


Relay feedback, paperwork and discussions to the client

Commercial property acquisition and disposal is vital to an investors forward plans. We assist our clients throughout the entire acquisition and disposal process with tailor made consultancy and advice.

Shepherd Commercial’s acquisition and disposal team are dedicated to responsive and informative guidance to our people. We strive on the success of our previous clients as we constantly adapt, change and tweak our approaches to deliver high class service to the region.

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