Offices For Sale in Birmingham City Centre

Looking for offices for sale in Birmingham city centre?

Shepherd Commercial, Birminghams leading commercial property agent, has a host of properties to let and for sale in the city centre.

We’ll button our portals below for Zoopla, EG Estates Gazette and our website page for offices for sale.

Why choose Birmingham city centre for office space?

Birmingham is seeing record growth and the highest number of start ups in the UK are occurring right here in the city centre. The regions office space is versatile and expansive, from high quality boutique spaces to open plan behemoth modern offices.

We act as both letting agent and acquisition agents on behalf of clients and can help you source the perfect office space in line with budget, size and lease term.

Are Birmingham offices expensive?

Generally, offices in Birmingham are significantly cheaper per square foot than London. However, it depends on numerous factors such as quality, size and location.

Birmingham offices are not expensive in comparison to London, and we compare it to London because the second city is fastly becoming an international region. The sheer amount of amenities, transport links and centred location provide the city centre with an excellent presentation to seek investment.

Should I invest in Birmingham office space or another city?

It depends on circumstance, but any Midlands based company should seriously consider Birmingham as a location to operate from.

For more information, we’d recommend calling us on 01564 778890

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