How to sell my commercial property?

Commercial property is typically sold through a commercial property estate agent in either an off-market transaction or through marketing the property to the general public through social media, property portals and contact networks.

Before we begin, the single best way to sell your commercial property is to Contact Us on 01564 778890, so that we can tailor our advice to your needs.


To start, there is a multitude of different ways in which you can sell your commercial property.

The common ways to sell your commercial property are either using a commercial agent, entering a property auction, private sale through a contact. Other options include expression of interest from a member of the public, self-marketing and even raffling in todays modern world.


All styles of selling your commercial property will have advantages and disadvantages but the devil really is in the detail when it comes to disposing of your asset. You must take into account some key factors of how you intend to sell your commercial property.

  • Timescale

  • Price

  • Fees and costs

Those 3 core talking points will dictate whether you will auction your property, sell it yourself or instruct a commercial agent like Shepherd.

Timescale references how fast you wish to dispose of your asset. The faster you want it gone, the less time you have to consider bids and offers and the more flexible you have to be. If you’re willing to wait and have time on your side, the price of the property can be held firm and you benefit from not allowing timing to dictate your acceptance range on offers.

Fees and costs will also play part in how you dispose of your commercial property and choosing an agent who charges slightly more but delivers a higher service and speed can often times be extremely beneficial as opposed to an agent who doesn’t do the legwork to secure a purchaser.

We could go on forever about the options to consider and what factors you need to think about before making a decision, however, the whole process is entirely specific to your own personal situation and property. There is no better way than to speak to a commercial advisor prior to making a decision.

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