Our EG (Estates Gazette) Property Link Properties

After expanding our reach with EG (Estates Gazette) Property Link. We’ve now been with the platform since Q1 2022.
All of the Shepherd Commercial listings can be located on our Estate Gazette properties page and we also showcase our services via the portal:
We provide valuations, acquisitions and disposals across the whole entirety of the Midlands and deliver an efficient and professional commercial property management service. Whether it be portfolio management or single asset management, our team thrive on providing industry leading service.
Property Link has been our go to portal for the last 3 months. The portal shows every aspect of each property and we’re thrilled to be using Estate Gazette to market our opportunities.
We use EG for industrial, retail and mainly office properties from a range of leasehold and freehold markets.
Should you wish to receive a valuation on your commercial property or keen to know more. Call us on 01564778890 or email us at info@shepcom.com

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