Is Shepherd Commercial part of John Shepherd?

Shepherd Commercial is in fact not part of the John Shepherd group.


Many people associate us here at Shepherd Commercial to be part of the renown John Shepherd residential agency. This is not true, however there is reason as to why this is common opinion across Solihull.

Shepherd Commercial was originally formed out of the John Shepherd firm back in 2004. Originally founded through the running of the commercial consultancy wing of John Shepherd, we split in 2004 as an independent firm of commercial property agents and managers.

Today, there is no relation between us and John Shepherd except the common name.


Despite there being no relation, the values from 2004 still withstand for both firms. A heavy focus on clientele service and professionalism at every point of contact. We withhold a set of commonplace values that stand true for both John Shepherd and ourselves.

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