How Hall Green’s commercial property market is changing

Hall Green is a suburb and constituency of Birmingham’s wider region with the are synonymous to the B28 postcode. Roughly 25,000 people reside in the suburb alone and with its leafy streets and avenues, the area has become an ideal region for people moving out of the inner city and its core.

Hall Greens commercial market has seen inward foreign investment in recent years with the likes of Wickes, Waitrose and Aldi all opening superstores in the suburb. Along with this, the trade along the main Stratford Road and its junctions experiences high traffic and plenty of retail and office premise.

From this, it’s commercial property market has shown strong resilience in the COVID years and coming from the pandemic, the area has actually experienced upticks in rents and revenue across its businesses. On the contrary, we do see lower rents in the older parts of Hall Green further up the Stratford Road with Highfield Junction proving a strong market for retail.


Hall Green is changing inevitably. Shepherd Commercial is overseeing this change and consulting and helping the area prosper. We market Hall Green’s commercial properties on our Sales and Lettings pages and currently have multiple opportunities both freehold and leasehold.

From selling freehold retail spaces at 900sqft to all inclusive office spaces along the Stratford Road. We are Hall Greens most active commercial property agent by deals.

If you have a commercial property in Hall Green and are seeking an agent or consultancy firm to advise you on either acquisition, disposal or management of your premise. Get in touch at Contact Us or call us on 01564 778890

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